5 Frozen Dumplings for Quick Meals

Bibigo Mandu Pork and Vegetable Dumplings are the best supermarket dumplings.

1. Bibigo Mandu Pork-Vegetable Dumplings

My favorite Trader Joe's gyoza is the shrimp variety. I love the dumplings' slight spiciness and bouncy shrimp stuffing.

2. TJ's Thai Shrimp Gyoza

Xiao long bao are broth-filled dumplings. Suck out all the hot broth before eating a soup dumpling.

3. MìLà Pork Soup Dumplings

I love Annie Chun's shiitake and vegetable dumplings since they're rare. Shiitake mushrooms give the dumplings

4. Annie Chun’s Shiitake



Want a spicy dumpling? Wow Bao Mongolian Style Spicy Beef Baos are spicy, unlike most dumplings.

5. Mongolian Spicy Beef Wow Bao

They're spicy enough to keep hot food enthusiasts coming back, but not too hot to dip in chili crisp without scorching

One of the most popular frozen dumpling lines, MìLà Pork Soup Dumplings are as tasty as they look.