07 Varieties of Burgers for Delivery

The Hamburger

The pioneer and, many would argue, the gold standard in its field. René Redzepi's Noma, the number one restaurant on the World's 50 Best Restaurants 

Burgers made from ground Turkey 

Every burger lover should at least give this one a go because it was probably inspired by one of the finest sandwiches  sandwich created with the day's leftovers. 

Burger with Portobello mushrooms

Swapping the patties in a vegan burger recipe for an umami-rich grilled portobello mushroom has the potential to satisfy the appetite of even the most dedicated carnivore. 

Elk burger

There's hardly much to dislike about free-range, low-fat meat that tastes great.

Vegan burger

Once the safe haven of your group's lone vegetarian, veggie burgers have emerged as a formidable challenger to the reign of the beef burger. 

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Burger with wild salmon

Fish patties made from salmon are the best, but any sort of fish can do. 

Veggie burger

The classic vegetable burger, the bean burger, may be given a new lease on life by experimenting with various pulses for flavor in the patties.

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