Top 15+ Restaurant for Order Pizza online in California

Top 15+ Restaurant for Order Pizza online in California: California’s pizza is world-class thanks to the state’s wealth of high-quality agricultural ingredients and skilled cooks. The quality of the local cuisine scene is continually reaching new heights, much like the rest of the state. There is a lot of friendly competition amongst chefs, business owners, and families who have been baking pies for decades. So, in honor of all the wonderful pies in California, here are some of the very finest. There’s pizza here for everyone, from New York slices to deep-dish Chicago style to traditional Neapolitan Italian. Get ready to drool as you explore California’s top 50 pizza joints.

1st. Pizza Antica – San Jose

If you’re looking for the greatest pizza in California, where should you go? Get the heck over to Pizza Antica in San Jose immediately for a pie that will haunt your dreams long after you’ve finished it. Pizzas that take the best of both worlds—Italian tradition and California produce—are made here. You can’t make an excuse not to sample this pizza, since they also have restaurants in Mill Valley and Lafayette. So, I guess we’ll see each other there?

2nd. Ca’ Momi Osteria – Napa

Stylish Italian fare and a selection of handcrafted drinks await you at this exceptional Napa enoteca. Their ‘obsessively Italian’ cuisine is the result of fusing family recipes and traditional techniques with a ‘get local’ philosophy, with the majority of their dairy, meats, and vegetables sourced from within a 50-mile radius. Pizzas have that irresistible char and are topped with a wide variety of delicious ingredients.

3rd. Bestia – Los Angeles

Even though there is a lot of competition among Los Angeles’ best pizzerias, Bestia has managed to amass a dedicated following because to its delicious pizza. Expect to sample different dishes and ingredients at this popular eatery, which takes a nose-to-tail approach to its Italian-inspired cuisine. Fennel pollen, whipped gorgonzola cream, and pickled chiles are just a few examples of pizza toppings that take the dishes to the next level.

4th. Oak & Rye – Los Gatos

At Oak & Rye, they specialize on small sharing dishes of delectable snacks, handmade drinks, and authentic woodfired pizza. While the fresh dough is produced by hand and adheres to traditional methods, the unique toppings give the menu a contemporary twist. To wit: fried capers, mozzarella, gruyere, cornichon, shiitake, truffle oil, and green onion.

5th. Pizzeria Tra Vigne – St Helena

Visit St. Helena’s Pizzeria Tra Vigne for a taste of Italy in the restaurant’s charming dining room or leafy patio. There are a lot of foodies in the region, and they all swear by the sourdough pizzas with a thin crust. Even if they don’t like it when we tell them about this great pizza, your taste buds will.

6th. Del Popolo – San Francisco

Del Popolo’s glass-fronted pizza truck is a San Francisco landmark, and the company’s Neapolitan-style pies are famous across the city. The cult-favorite pies have been available at a sit-down restaurant since it opened in 2012. The dough is airy and tender, and the crust is blistered from the heat of the oven, just as it would be in a traditional Naples pizza. Toppings like Yukon gold potatoes, which are in season in California, provide a special touch.

7th. Emilia’s Pizzeria – Berkeley

This one-man, two-table pizza shop might be a pain to order from at times, but the end result is always worth it. Orders must be placed by phone with Emilia’s daily beginning at 4 p.m., and customers are given a 15-minute window in which to pick up their food. If you don’t place your order as soon as they open, you’ll have to settle with a pizza delivered at 9 o’clock at night. Then why do so many individuals partake? The solution is, of course, delicious pizza.

8th. Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano – San Diego

They have their own in-house pizzaiolo who has passed the rigorous certification process required to make authentic Neapolitan pizza. Toppings like handmade meatballs, ricotta cheese, and fragrant Italian sausages, as well as real Italian dough and marinara sauce, are given special attention. These pies are so good that you’ll want to visit us again and again.

9th. Ronan – Los Angeles

Daniel and Caitlin Cutler, a husband-and-wife combination, own the seasonal share plates restaurant Ronan, which has been all the rage in Los Angeles for the last year because to its excellent pizza. The Neapolitan pies here are as authentic as they get, with artisanal touches like a ‘cacio e pepe’ honey that make them taste like they were baked in a wood-fired oven on a street in Naples. You’ll quickly realize why this pizza ranks among the finest in California.

10th. Pizza Rock – Sacramento

Pizza Rock is a truly unique venue and the ideal place to come for a night out. You’ll want to start by eyeing up their extensive craft beer and cocktail menu and settle in for some serious eating. Their pies come in all shapes and sizes and really are made for sharing. Ideally you’d come with a group of friends and mix and match pizzas, so you can taste a little bit of everything. You won’t be leaving in a hurry either.

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