Top 15+ Restaurant for Chicken Wings in the USA

Top 15+ Restaurant for Chicken Wings in the USA: A simple bowl of chicken wings must be the one meal that makes everyone happy. Something basic, but infinitely customizable, that never fails to make you smile. The fact that alcohol is often used to chase them down is icing on the cake. Wings may be found on the menus of many American establishments, from backyard grills to sports bars to sit-down restaurants and street carts. We’ve done the legwork and located some of the best chicken wings in the country, so you don’t have to.

1. Island Wing Company in Mobile, Alabama

The fact that they bake the wings instead of frying them is their main selling point since it makes them a healthier alternative. Their sauces are delicious, so you won’t be missing out on any flavor.

2. That Wing Place in Anchorage, Alaska

While the sandwiches, burgers, and other tasty fast food options here are great, it’s the wings that really set this place apart. To get the most out of your meal, try pairing a buffalo with a dry rub. Delicious.

3. Long Wong’s in Phoenix, Arizona

Given the average lifetime of a restaurant, it’s safe to assume that any establishment that has been run by the same family for 34 years must be doing something right. In addition to their marketing brilliance, their “Bouquet” of wings for Valentine’s Day is a perfect example.

4. Wing Shack Bar and Grill in Little Rock, Arkansas

There is always a long wait since the dish is so popular and the restaurant is so popular overall. There are several delicious chicken wing options available.

5. Charcoal in Venice, California

Josiah Citrin, owner and Michelin-starred chef, has created a cozy neighborhood restaurant that draws its inspiration from American backyard barbecues. You may be sure the wings are top-notch if they meet the Michelin criteria.

6. CD’s Wings in Westminster, Colorado

All of their dishes are prepared fresh when ordered, and they never utilize frozen chicken. Famous all throughout the East Coast, they provide authentic Buffalo-style wings. You can’t go wrong with the homemade sauces here.

7. J Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, Connecticut

The current proprietors bought the facility in 1979, when it was a more formal dining room; now, it offers enormous, delicious buckets of wings.

8. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Wilmington, Delaware

What could be better than wings, by themselves? Chicken wings as an appetizer before diving into a delicious pizza. Unfortunately, these spectacular wings only make an appearance in rare specials or at major sporting events. You should definitely order these now, or at least start a petition to have them permanently added to the menu.

9. Miller’s Ale House in Orlando, Florida

A fantastic pub chain that has over seventy-five varieties of beer. You’d be crazy to skip the out-of-this-world wings when they offer a menu full of delicious options like steak and spaghetti.

10. Wing Factory in Atlanta, Georgia

There are four Wing Factory locations in the state, which is fantastic since your taste senses will explode the moment you sink your teeth into these beauties. Their sauces are very healthy and delicious.

11. Hilo Town Tavern in Hilo, Hawaii

There are nine flavors available, including honey barbecue, teriyaki garlic, kimchee, and lemon pepper wings. This establishment is not to be missed, especially because it offers tasty dipping sauces.\

12. Edge Brewing Company in Boise, Idaho

A nice meal of wings is only topped by a good platter of wings accompanied by some truly fine beer. You may cool down from the heat of the hot sauce with one of their house beers at their bar.

13. Great Sea Chinese Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois

When it comes to hot chicken wings in the Chicago region, nobody does it better than Great Sea Restaurant. These wings carry quite a punch and have been artfully prepared to provide easy access to the best parts of the chicken. You’d better be prepared for the heat with a nice, cool beer.

14. R&R Extreme Wings in Indianapolis, Indiana

There are more than a dozen sauces to pick from at R&R Extreme Wings, but the thrilling parts of the meal are the sides. You’ll become a regular since the employees here almost live off of the cuisine they provide.

15. Jethro’s BBQ in Des Moines, Iowa

Some of the best barbecue in the state, with sites all throughout. You won’t ever regret ordering the traditional wings, even if there are some other very enticing options on the menu.

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