Top 15 Cuban Restaurants in the US to order online

Top 15 Cuban Restaurants in the US to order online: Cuban cuisine is only one example of the United States’ rich and varied culinary landscape. Cuban culture is pervasive, from Little Havana in Miami to Havana on the Hudson in New Jersey. Given the abundance of options, we did the legwork for you and identified the top 15 Cuban eateries in the United States. We have everything you need, from a heaping plate of ropa vieja to a handful of crunchy croquetas.

1. Versailles – Miami, Florida

If you’re looking for the greatest Cuban food in the United States, go no farther than Versailles Cuban Food, located right in the middle of Little Havana. Since 1971, Cubans from all over Florida have flocked to Versailles for the greatest Cuban food in the state. Try some of their roast pork and a traditional mojito and you won’t go hungry.

2. 90 Miles Cuban Cafe – Chicago, Illinois

Delicious Cuban restaurants can be found all across Chicago. Family members of the Gonzales manage the 90 Miles Cuban Cafe. They arrived in the United States from Cuba in June of 1980. A shrimp boat carried them across the Gulf of Mexico and into Key West. Since its establishment in 2008, they’ve made it their mission to provide Chicago’s residents the finest Cuban cuisine possible. Try some tamal vegetal, some croquetas, and some papas rellenas; you won’t be sorry.

3. La Carreta – Miami, Florida

La Carreta is another well-known Cuban restaurant in Miami. This little restaurant originally opened its doors in 1976, right on the bustling Calle Ocho in Little Havana. La Carreta’s popularity soared in the decades that followed the mass migration of Cubans to Miami. You may still eat to your heart’s content with their ‘abuela style’ cuisine even after all these years. Get some of their unbelievably delicious ropa vieja and finish it off with a Cuban espresso.

4. Papi’s Cuban Grill – Atlanta, Georgia

A “true taste of Cuba” is exactly what you’ll get at Papi’s Cuban Grill. The mariquitas and the mofongo con camarones, to name just two examples, are all prepared in a traditional manner. Papi’s is an ode to Reynaldo Sr., who immigrated to the United States with his son Rey Jr. in 1990. Since opening Papis in 2002, Rey has fulfilled his dream of introducing Atlantans to authentic Cuban cuisine.

5. Doce Provisions – Miami, Florida

Doce Provisions, a Miami institution, is widely regarded as one of the finest Cuban eateries in the United States. They take great satisfaction in using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients in their inventive, always delicious meals. Pick from an amazing variety of Cuban staples including tostones, churrasco, and the iconic Cubano. Don’t leave without trying some of their famous chorizo croquettes, however.

6. My Cuban Spot – Brooklyn, New York

You can get some of the greatest Cuban cuisine in the nation at My Cuban Spot, which happens to be located in the heart of New York City. Louie Estrada, a Cuban-American from Miami who just relocated to Brooklyn, plans to share all of the dishes he loved as a youngster with his new community. It’s clear that Louie has brought some of the greatest Cuban flavors to New York City, whether you’re snacking on some chicharrones or chowing down on some traditional pan con bistec.

7. Little Cuban Cafe – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

You can get all your Cuban favorites at Little Cuban Cafe in Fort Lauderdale. The Cuban croquettes and filled tostones at this little diner are legendary, but they serve everything. Traditional dishes like as churrasco, ropa vieja, boiling yuca, and fried plantain are also available. If you visit in the morning, you should have a café con leche since it has a lot of energy.

8. 1958 Cuban Cuisine – Westfield, New Jersey

Cuban food from 1958 will make you feel like you’re on the beautiful Caribbean island itself. From papa rellenas to paella Cubana, everything on the menu at this Cuban-owned and -operated restaurant is as genuine as it gets. Try one of their traditional lechon asado dishes. One of the nicest things to eat in Cuba is the slow-roasted pig meal.

9. El Cochinito – Los Angeles, California

The best Cuban cuisine in Los Angeles can be found at El Cochinito, also known as “The Little Pig” in English. Gladys Gutierrez opened El Cochinito in 1988 with the intention of bringing the ambiance of Havana in the 1950s to Los Angeles and beyond. They provide a wide selection of Cuban snacks, but the Cubano is by far the most well-known. El Cochinito famous pork sandwich is a favorite among both visitors and residents for its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

10. El Mago De Las Fritas – Miami, Florida

For the tastiest Cuban sandwiches in Miami, locals unanimously choose El Mago De Las Fritas. This famous Cuban sandwich shop has been around for almost 35 years, and in that time they’ve perfected their Cuban burgers, pan con bistecs, and guava empanadas. You can get some of the greatest sandwiches and dulce de leche in the world here. The service, however, is what sets El Mago De Las Fritas apart. The staff treats you like family and makes sure your needs are met.

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