7+ Restaurants in Chicago Must Visit & order online

7+ Restaurants in Chicago Must Visit & order online: If you’re looking for a great dining experience in the USA, go no further than Chicago. The staples of Chicagoan cuisine include pizza, loaded hot dogs, and sandwiches. The city has rightfully earned its label as a culinary mecca because to its abundance of both high-end and international eating alternatives. But everybody has to get out of the city every once in a while, and what better reason to take a road trip than to try a new eatery? The cities and villages of Illinois are brimming with interesting and delicious eating and drinking options. Here are seven places to eat outside of Chicago that are well worth the drive, ranging from casual to upscale.

1. Bien Trucha, Geneva, IL

The typical travel time in a car from Chicago’s Loop to Geneva is 50 minutes. Even though there are plenty of Mexican restaurants in Chicago, the locals in Geneva flock to this authentic establishment. Here, casual atmosphere meets traditional food; enjoy a plate of fresh avocado margarita on the terrace during the warmer months. There are now heated outside pods to keep you toasty during the winter. There’s a lot to choose from here that sounds delicious, but you can’t possibly travel all the way from Chicago and not have the taco with the same name. Steak, chorizo, roasted salsa, and Chihuahua cheese fill the tacos from Bien Trucha.

2. Abreo, Rockford, IL

The typical travel time from Chicago’s downtown to Rockford is 1 hour and 25 minutes. Abreo is helping to change Rockford’s image as a city without a noteworthy restaurant culture. The American small dishes on the menu feature inventive combinations of seasonal ingredients, many of which are obtained from nearby farms. Their concept dining is the brainchild of Chef Paul Sletten, and you can thank him for the duck nachos, cheese curds, and tuna crudo that you’ll be devouring. The large wine list makes the terrace an appealing place to have a drink when the weather is nice. On cooler evenings, you may warm yourself on the patio’s heated seating area.

3. Ron’s Cajun Connection, North Utica, IL

The typical travel time from Chicago’s Loop to Utica is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Ron’s Cajun Connection, a restaurant in the Midwest, serves you authentic Creole cuisine that will make you forget you’re not in New Orleans. Try some of the ‘swamp to table’ foods like alligator po’ boys, frog legs, catfish jambalaya, and more, and you’ll feel like you’ve traveled a long way from Chicago. Ron’s Cajun Connection is highly recommended due to the excellent cuisine, lively ambiance, and helpful staff. After a day of hiking in neighboring Starved Rock State Park, returning to this cozy restaurant for some comfort food is just what the doctor ordered.

4. Vie, Western Springs, IL

This Michelin-starred restaurant is the only destination worth the drive from Chicago. This excellent menu has both classic meals and lighter nibbles, all of which are prepared with a dedication to seasonal cooking and locally sourced ingredients. Traditional ways of pickling and preserving fruits and vegetables are another area of expertise for Chef Paul Virant. Try the three-course prix fixe menu to get the whole experience. A drink seems appropriate, especially considering that Vie offers half-price wine on Wednesdays and that this building was the first bar to serve alcohol following prohibition.

5. Bob Chinn’s Crab House, Wheeling, IL

Bob Chinn’s Crab House is able to offer consistently high-quality seafood since they obtain their items everyday. Experience the taste of the sea with their world-famous crab legs, lobster, and an abundance of fish and other delicacies. Their mai tais are almost as well-known as their crab legs. It’s well worth it to make the trip from Chicago to Bobb Chinn’s Crab House, as it is one of the highest-grossing independently-owned restaurants in the whole United States.

6. Katy’s Dumpling House, Westmont, IL

The name would lead you to believe that the dumplings are the major attraction, but the fresh, handmade noodles are what have brought in so many regulars. Even though it’s located in a strip mall, the food is so good that people travel from all around to eat there. Fresh and flavorful, the food here is the result of combining traditional recipes with local products. For a delicious and memorable supper, try the beef tenderloin noodle soup, handmade dumplings, or yaki ramen stir fry.

7. New York Bagel & Bialy, Lincolnwood, IL

New York Bagel & Bialy is the greatest place in Chicago to get a bagel. New York City isn’t required any more to satisfy your want for a soft, chewy, doughy bagel. They’ve been operating since 1965, making them experts on the subject of bagels; locals in New York City say theirs are the best. A traditional pastrami and pickle bagel is well worth the trek, even if there are no tables available.

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