7+ Best Coffee Shops In Cartagena USA to Visit

7+ Best Coffee Shops In Cartagena USA to Visit: Cartagena may not be in Colombia’s coffee-growing region, but its greatest coffee shops can hold their own against any in the country. Cartagena is a haven for coffee connoisseurs, with dozens of cafes to choose from. What’s even better? You won’t find a better cup of coffee anywhere else. If you’re searching for a caffeine fix or a peaceful spot to get some work done, we’ve compiled a list of the seven greatest coffee shops in Cartagena.

1. Ábaco Café y Libros

This is not only one of the nicest cafes in Cartagena, but also one of the most photogenic. This quaint cafe’s building had housed a library until the owners converted it into a coffee shop. It has since become one of Cartagena’s most frequented cafés. Though the baristas here are coffee experts, it’s the mixologist who creates the tastiest cold brew drinks. If you go, you must sample the Soul Brew.

2. San Alberto

This farm is a tiny family operation in the heart of Colombia’s coffee area, so you can rest assured that the coffee produced there is of the highest quality. The baristas there are highly trained professionals who can make coffee in whatever style you choose. If you order the syphon, you can count on a tasty beverage with hints of spice.

3. Epoca Espresso Bar

If you’re looking for high-quality coffee in Cartagena, go no further than Epoca. The café itself is stylish, and if you happen to get a seat at one of the outdoor tables, you’ll have a front-row seat to the goings-on of the neighborhood. If you’re a real coffee connoisseur, you’ll love Epoca because they sell direct trade coffees and even green beans. You must order one of their pastry specialties. All of the villagers adore them.

4. Cafe del Mural

You should visit Cafe del Mural and take pictures of the gorgeous outside even if you don’t enjoy coffee. If you’re in the market for some coffee and art in Cartagena, this is one of the greatest places to go. Getsemani is a hip neighborhood, so once you get your coffee there, you can go about and take in some of the local art that decorates the walls. The coffee is some of the best in town, and the cafe’s decor is equally as eccentric and hip as the food.

5. Boundless Coffee

Coffee and booze? Honestly, what else do you need? Boundless Coffee is one of Cartagena’s most interesting spots thanks to its hybrid nature as a café and mezcal bar. The atmosphere is quite warm, and the option to partake in a mezcal tasting is well regarded by visitors. The cafe’s proximity to the town’s landmark clock tower makes it a great place to relax with a caffeinated drink or alcoholic beverage after a day of sightseeing.

6. Folklore Colombian Coffee

Folklore Colombian Coffee is an excellent choice if you’re in the mood for a hearty morning meal. You can get waffles here. In addition to delicious breakfast options, they provide excellent single-origin coffee sourced from different places around Colombia. The walls of this cafe are decorated with a narrative about coffee farming. Just ask one of the friendly and well-informed baristas for the backstory.

7. Cafe Stepping Stone

If you’re looking for a café in Cartagena that cares about its community, go no farther than café Stepping Stone. By providing job training to underprivileged youngsters, they strive to combat social injustice. They are able to give back to the kids of Cartagena by teaching them the skills and confidence they need to thrive while also providing excellent coffee. If you’re searching for a fast, healthy choice while walking about Cartagena, the cuisine here is excellent and very nourishing.

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