12+ Delicious Pizzas in Minnesota to order online

12+ Delicious Pizzas in Minnesota to order online: Minnesota has a wide variety of pizzas, from fancy but straightforward slices to mouthwatering, traditional wood-fired pies. Minnesota is home to several excellent pizza joints. Carbohydrate enthusiasts need not worry in this state. In order to save you time and effort, we have compiled a list of the 15 finest pizzas in Minnesota.

1. Mucci’s Italian – St. Paul

The pizza at this little first-come, first-serve business could be so amazing because the dough is fried in hot oil before being baked with tasty toppings. If you want to indulge, get the Luna, which features taleggio, black truffle, mushrooms, pine nuts, and chives.

2. Pizzeria Lola – Minneapolis

Their thin and crispy bases and deliciously spongey typical Italian crusts are the result of cooking in a wood-fired oven. The toppings they carefully craft with so much care, creativity, and vivid color are what set their pies apart. Their pizzas are pieces of beauty that are almost too beautiful to eat. Nearly!

3. Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza – Minneapolis/St. Paul

Their pizzas have a lovely smoky and crunchy bottom since they’re baked in an oven heated by coal. The large portions, excellent wine list, and delicious, easily-divided desserts make this the ideal venue for a group outing.

4. Pig Ate My Pizza – Robbinsdale

A restaurant and brewery in one, where the pizza and beer scenes are undergoing radical transformations. Visiting here is like being subjected to a delightful assault on the senses; their works will blow your mind. The only problem is that you won’t want to leave after you try the pies.

5. Young Joni – Minneapolis

The first bite of their award-winning pizza will convince you of why they’re so popular. Although the pizza is the reason most people come here, the other foods, beverages, and desserts are all excellent as well. Incredible in every way.

6. Sammy’s – Multiple

The pizzas are delicious because the family has been making them for many years and many generations. You have to try the dough to believe it; it’s prepared fresh every day right here in the restaurant.

7. Union Avenue Pizza & Brewing – Fergus Falls

They are dedicated to perfecting pizza and beer, two of life’s most essential necessities. They achieve their goal magnificently, making it such that you never want to leave. Beers served cold and deliciously accompany the massive quantities. It’s no surprise that it’s regarded as among Minnesota’s finest pies.

8. Wrecktangle Pizza

The Detroit-style pizza at Wrecktangle Pizza has a thick, airy crust with a crunch similar to that of focaccia. The crispy cheese edges are a key component to the deliciousness of this pizza preparation method. There’s everything from tater tots and creamy mushroom sauce to pizzas topped with curled pepperonis and honey spiced with spicy sauce.

9. Hello Pizza – Edina

Traditional pizza with a thin crust; they put in a lot of work making their dough and finding high-quality toppings. You’ll want to keep coming back since they change up their daily slice and provide seasonal discounts. There is no finer pizza in Minnesota than this.

10. Pizza Lucé – Multiple

They have fantastic breakfast, regular live music, and are available for late night dining, delivery, and takeout at all of their locations. All of the pizzas have insanely delicious toppings that will make your mouth water the moment you read the menu. When you factor in the excellent service, this Minnesota pizzeria becomes a must-visit.

11. Punch Neapolitan Pizza – Multiple

They stick to a traditional Italian recipe for their pizzas by letting the dough rise for more than 24 hours before cooking it in a wood-burning oven in under two minutes. The toppings are uncomplicated, traditional, and great in their own right. Easily one of the greatest pizzas in Minnesota, and on par with anything you’d get in Italy.

12. Cossetta Italian Market & Pizzeria – St. Paul

A restaurant with just 30 seats and a reputation for serving the best, most innovative cuisine in the state. They put a premium on importing only the finest ingredients, and the result is a pie that tastes like it was dropped from the sky.

13. Red’s Savoy Pizza – St. Louis Park

You can tell the quality of a pie shop by the number of regulars it has kept since it opened in 1965. Their pizzas are delicious because they are piled high with toppings and covered in cheese. You should feel proud of yourself if you eat one entire serving.

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