11+ Top Restaurant for Pizzas in South America

11+ Top Restaurant for Pizzas in South America: When visiting a new city, pizza is often one of the first things visitors look for since nothing beats a well-charred pie. It’s good to know that South American pizzas live up to the hype. Now that summer break has here, many people will be venturing to different parts of the continent in search of the tastiest pizza. We have the finest examples from Argentina to Venezuela. You may compare it to a tasty DIY trail, but with more cheese and crusty bread. Plus, panoramic vistas of enormous pizzas. Are you planning a trip to South America in the near future? Mark this page and you’ll never have to worry about ordering a poor pizza again.

1st. Capperi – Santiago, Chile

This place is a one-stop shop for all of your doughy needs, serving anything from tomato to white bases, calzones to focaccia. Capperi takes great pleasure in using only the highest-quality Italian ingredients, and it shows in every mouthful. The burrata cheese on top is enough to prove that this pizza deserves to be called the greatest in South America.

2nd. La Linterna – Lima, Peru

La Linterna is located in the middle of San Isidro, on a peaceful street. It’s the kind of establishment where you can always count on getting fantastic, thin, and crispy pizza. Since its founding in the 1960s by a New Yorker, it has been a popular destination in the area. Chacarilla and Barranco are the newest additions. The finest of New York City and Naples are brought together here.

3rd. Bráz Pizzaria – São Paulo, Brazil

This trustworthy pizza has five sites in the city of So Paulo and has been around for 20 years, using only the finest ingredients imported from Italy. The bases are thin and crispy, and the toppings range from traditional Italian to Brazilian.

4th. El Güerrin – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Despite Argentina’s proximity to Italy, the greatest pizza in the country has a distinctively Argentinian flavor, and you’ll get it at this simple, traditional pizzeria. They are known for its pizza de molde, a pan-baked form of pizza that is uniquely Argentine and has loads of bubbling cheese.

5th. Ná Pizza – Medellín, Colombia

You can tell right away that the proprietor of Na Pizza is Italian due to the high quality of the ingredients and the fact that all of the pizzas are prepared from scratch. The perfectly blackened crust and velvety tomato sauce seal the deal. It’s so excellent that you might as well be in Naples, Italy.

6th. Imilla Alzada – La Paz, Bolivia

This restaurant is proof that La Paz is worth visiting just for the food. Imilla Alzada always provides excellent, updated Neapolitan-style pizza. Cucumbers, handmade pesto, and smooth cheese are some examples. You may wash all that dough down with one of their many excellent craft beers.

7th. SP Pizza – São Paulo, Brazil

Extensive offerings, including many novel items. Cheese-filled pizza crusts and canine patrons are both available at this pizzeria. What could possibly be bad about a pizza feast in Sao Paulo? Anyone who visits here even once will likely become a regular. You won’t find better pizza in all of So Paulo than this.

8th. Siamo nel Forno – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The dough and the process of producing it over the period of 24 hours is the fundamental part of the traditional and Italian style of Siamo nel Forno. Toss on some fantastic fresh local toppings and imported Italian ingredients, and you’ll be in hog heaven.

9th. Pizzeria Olivia – Medellín, Colombia

Thin-crust pizza baked in a brick oven is Pizzeria Olivia’s specialty, making it a popular franchise. Even though it’s a franchise, the use of local and organic products makes each location feel like a cozy pizzeria. Vegans can choose from savory cashew cheese or silky burrata.

10th. Tio Tomate – Santiago, Chile

Tio Tomate is the holy grail for pizza lovers who swoon over crisp, thin crusts. The crust is airy and crispy, and the toppings are crisp and flavorful. You’ll be in carbohydrate nirvana if you sit outside with a drink of their cool sangria.

11th. La Pascana – Buenos Aires, Argentina

According to devoted regulars, La Pascana has some of the greatest pizza in the city and is a must-visit for anybody in the area. They provide both traditional and creative takes on pizza toppings for those with different tastes.

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