10+ Best Filipino Restaurants in USA to order food online

10+ Best Filipino Restaurants in USA to order food online: Filipino food is one of the most tasty and varied in the world. What’s more, because of the sheer size of the Philippine archipelago, different restaurants throughout the nation may sometimes serve somewhat different takes on the same dish. However, there are certain basics that are available almost everywhere. We researched and compiled a list of every outstanding Filipino restaurant in the USA. These are the best spots to get authentic lechón, a delicious entire roasted pig. However, you’ll also discover a wide variety of other foods, such as the Filipino sausage known as longganisa, as well as torta omelettes. If it makes you salivate, that’s because it does. Read on for a list of the top 7 Filipino dining options in the USA. And if you believe we forgot one of your favorite places, please let us know.

1. Jeepney – New York City, New York

It’s possible to reach Manila from New York without leaving the city. Among American Filipino eateries, Jeepney is among the very finest. The restaurant, named after the WWII jeeps abandoned by the American occupation, is as rich in history and flavor as its namesake vehicles. Sisig tacos are the appetizer, while beef short ribs are the main course.

2. The Park’s Finest – Los Angeles, California

If you were to ask a local Angeleno where to get the greatest Filipino cuisine, they would probably recommend The Park’s Finest. It has earned a solid reputation among Angelenos as the greatest place to have Filipino barbecue. The ribs here are best ordered as an appetizer because of the sauce that oozes off them. The tri-tip and coconut beef are other must-tries. Certainly not of this planet.

3. Guerrilla Street Food – St. Louis, Missouri

In Missouri, of all places, you may be surprised to discover one of the top Filipino restaurants in the country: Guerrilla Street Food. Whether you track down their food truck or place an order at home, you’re sure to love their innovative spin on classic Filipino cuisine. Braised beef, springy noodles, hard-cooked egg, steaming cabbage, and more are all included in the Beef Mami.

4. Purple Patch – Washington, DC

Because it is owned and maintained by Filipinos, Purple Patch exudes a strong sense of culture and history. There’s a wonderful selection of both traditional Filipino food and contemporary American meals. The fried spicy chicken adobo wings, which come with a sweet papaya salad, are a must-order as an appetizer. After that, get into a heaping helping of adobo pork. Soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic are used in the braising process. It’s quite tasty.

5. Oriental Mart – Seattle, Washington

Oriental Mart in Seattle is a one-of-a-kind dining and cultural experience, falling in between a traditional restaurant and a convenience store. While shopping for ingredients to create a traditional Filipino meal at home, you may try some of the city’s best Filipino food at the local market. From the plates to the goods, everything is 100% real.

6. Kusina Filipina – Los Angeles, California

Some of the greatest Filipino food in the United States can be found at Kusina Filipina, where dishes like pinakbet and chicken adobo are reliably delicious. Particularly popular among Filipino Americans is this neighborhood hangout. Why? The restaurant updates classic meals by using innovative cooking methods. The end product is an ingenious twist on a classic that tastes great.

7. Isla Pilipina Restaurant – Chicago, Illinois

Lunch at Chicago’s Isla Pilipina Restaurant is about as local and homegrown as its diners. The restaurant has the relaxed atmosphere of a Filipino family’s home, perfect for a leisurely meal. And the tastes are really close. Whether you get the crispy pusit, some noodles, or even the brave decision to try the hog ears, you can count on nothing resembling authenticity.

8. Kabayan Filipino Store & Cafe – Lewisville, Texas

Kabayan has double the value. The restaurant serves a whole Filipino supper. You may also stock up on the essentials as well as your personal favorites from the Philippines. You won’t find a better selection of Filipino goods elsewhere in the Dallas–Fort Worth region. However, the food served onsite is equally as tasty. Don’t forget to reserve space for halo-halo, a delicious dessert made from crushed ice and sweetened condensed milk. The description does it justice; it’s delicious.

9. Ma’am Sir – Los Angeles, California

The meals at Ma’am Sir are unforgettable. The recipes are both contemporary and traditional, evoking a sense of Filipino homestyle. If you’re new to Filipino food, you can’t go wrong with their contemporary take on comfort food. Indulge in some pig sisig and some tangy ribeye salpicao. You may use them as a springboard to explore the complete range of flavors in Filipino cuisine.

10. Musang – Seattle, Washington

Musang’s menu and overall concept are shaped by the local community, including the restaurant’s head Filipina-American chef and other locals who share her love of Filipino food. They can’t wait to try everything from smoked fish to hog cheeks and ears, all prepared with the same care and precision that has made Filipino cuisine so well-known across the world.

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